Selenite Palm Stones


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  • Purifying Energy: Selenite promotes clarity, purification, and spiritual connection.
  • Compact Size: 2-inch palm stones, 2-3 ounces each.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for meditation, energy work, and spiritual practice.
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Our exquisite Selenite Palm Stones each measure approximately 2 inches in size and weighing between 2 to 3 ounces. These palm stones showcase the natural beauty and luminous glow of Selenite, a powerful crystal known for its purifying and protective properties.

Selenite is revered for its ability to cleanse and uplift the energy of its surroundings, making it an ideal crystal for meditation, spiritual practice, or simply as a decorative accent in your home or office. Holding a Selenite Palm Stone in your hand can help promote mental clarity, emotional balance, and inner peace, while also fostering a sense of tranquility and serenity.

Embrace the gentle yet potent energy of Selenite as you incorporate these palm stones into your daily rituals and self-care practices. Let them serve as a reminder to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit, and invite in a sense of purity and positivity into your life.

How to use

Using Selenite Palm Stones can be a transformative experience, harnessing their gentle yet potent energy to promote purification, clarity, and spiritual connection. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use these stones and suggested intentions to recite.

Understanding Selenite

Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum, known for its translucent appearance and powerful metaphysical properties. It is often associated with purity, clarity, and spiritual enlightenment, making it a popular choice for energy work and meditation.

Preparing Your Selenite Palm Stone

Before engaging with your Selenite Palm Stone, it's essential to cleanse it to remove any stagnant energy. Selenite is self-cleansing and can also cleanse other crystals. However, you can further purify it by placing it in sunlight or moonlight, smudging it with sage or palo santo, or visualizing white light surrounding and purifying it.

Setting Up Your Practice Space

Create a serene environment conducive to meditation and reflection. Light candles, burn incense, or play soothing music to enhance the ambiance. Find a comfortable seated position and hold your Selenite Palm Stone in your hands, feeling its energy flow through you.

Reciting Your Intentions

Close your eyes and take several deep breaths to center yourself. Focus your attention on the gentle energy of the Selenite Palm Stone. Recite your intentions with clarity and conviction, either aloud or silently:

For Mental Clarity and Focus:

"I am clear-headed and focused. My mind is free of clutter, and my thoughts are organized and precise."

For Emotional Healing and Release:

"I release all that no longer serves me. I let go of negativity and welcome in healing and transformation."

For Spiritual Connection and Guidance:

"I open myself to divine guidance and wisdom. I trust in the universe's plan for me and embrace my spiritual journey."

Using Your Selenite Palm Stone Daily

Incorporate your Selenite Palm Stone into your daily routine by holding it during moments of stress or uncertainty. Allow its gentle energy to calm your mind and soothe your spirit, promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.

Enhancing Meditation and Energy Work

During meditation or energy work, hold the Selenite Palm Stone or place it on your body's energy centers. Visualize its pure white light enveloping you, cleansing and aligning your chakras, and fostering a deeper connection to the divine.

Displaying Your Selenite Palm Stone

Keep your Selenite Palm Stone in a prominent place, such as your meditation altar or bedside table, as a reminder of your intentions and a source of healing energy in your environment. Let its luminous presence uplift your spirit and infuse your space with purity and serenity.


By incorporating Selenite Palm Stones into your spiritual practice, you can tap into their purifying energy and unlock a deeper sense of clarity, healing, and spiritual connection. Let these gentle crystals be your allies on your journey to inner peace, self-discovery, and spiritual enlightenment.

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