Citrine Palm Stones


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  1. Citrine Palm Stones: Attract abundance.
  2. Vibrant Sunshine: Radiates warmth and joy.
  3. Golden Citrine Power: Energize your aura.
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Introducing our Citrine Palm Stones, meticulously curated to bring the uplifting energy of the sun into your hands. Each palm stone, ranging from 110-173g, emanates the warm and vibrant energy of citrine, a crystal renowned for its joyful and empowering properties.

Citrine, often called the “Merchant’s Stone” or “Success Stone,” is associated with abundance, prosperity, and positive energy. The golden hues of these palm stones evoke the radiance of the sun, symbolizing the promise of a new day filled with possibilities. As you hold these palm stones, you invite the sun’s vitality into your being, uplifting your spirit and brightening your outlook.

Meditation and mindfulness enthusiasts will find these palm stones to be valuable companions. During meditation, hold the Citrine Palm Stone in your hand, allowing its warm energy to infuse your practice. Visualize the golden light expanding within, bringing clarity, optimism, and a sense of purpose. Affirmations such as “I attract abundance effortlessly” or “I am filled with positive energy” resonate harmoniously with the uplifting properties of citrine.

Beyond meditation, these palm stones can be incorporated into daily life. Keep one in your pocket or purse to carry the positive vibes wherever you go. Place it on your desk or in your workspace to infuse the environment with a sunny disposition, promoting creativity and productivity.

Each Citrine Palm Stone is a unique piece of nature’s artistry. The smooth, polished surface feels soothing to the touch, inviting you to connect with the crystal’s energy. Whether you are a crystal enthusiast or someone seeking a meaningful and vibrant addition to your collection, these Citrine Palm Stones are a delightful choice.

Embrace the radiant energy of the sun with our Citrine Palm Stones and let the golden glow of positivity accompany you on your journey towards abundance, joy, and success.

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