Amethyst Palm Stones


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  • Calming Energy: Amethyst promotes relaxation, clarity, and spiritual connection.
  • Two Shapes, Two Sizes: Heart or oval, small (2-3 oz) or large (5-6 oz).
  • Natural Beauty: Rich purple hues with unique variations.
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Our stunning Amethyst Palm Stones are available in both heart and oval shapes, and offered in two sizes: small, weighing approximately 2-3 ounces, and large, ranging from 5-6 ounces. Each palm stone showcases the mesmerizing beauty of Amethyst, with its rich purple hues and natural variations, making every piece unique.

Amethyst is revered for its calming and protective properties, known to soothe the mind, body, and spirit. Holding these palm stones can promote relaxation, clarity, and spiritual connection, making them ideal companions for meditation, energy work, or simply as decorative pieces in your home or office.

Embrace the serene energy of Amethyst as you embark on your journey of self-discovery and inner peace. Let these palm stones serve as gentle reminders to slow down, breathe, and find solace in the present moment.

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Size & Shape

Small Heart (about 2-3 oz), Large Oval (about 5-6 oz)

How to use

Utilizing Amethyst Palm Stones can be a transformative experience, harnessing the stone's calming energy to promote relaxation, clarity, and spiritual growth. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use these stones and suggested intentions to recite.

Understanding Amethyst

Amethyst is a revered gemstone known for its stunning purple coloration and powerful metaphysical properties. It is often referred to as a stone of tranquility and spiritual protection, believed to enhance intuition, promote emotional balance, and ward off negative energies.

Preparing Your Amethyst Palm Stone

Before engaging with your Amethyst Palm Stone, it's essential to cleanse it to remove any stagnant energy. Several methods for cleansing include:

  • Moonlight: Place the stone under the light of the full moon overnight.
  • Smudging: Pass the stone through the smoke of burning sage or palo santo.
  • Visualization: Imagine a stream of cleansing light washing over the stone, purifying it of negativity.

Setting Up Your Practice Space

Create a tranquil environment where you can sit comfortably with your Amethyst Palm Stone. Light candles, burn incense, or play soothing music to enhance relaxation. Find a peaceful spot where you can focus on your intentions without distractions.

Reciting Your Intentions

Hold your Amethyst Palm Stone in your hands and take several deep breaths to center yourself. Close your eyes and focus on the stone's calming energy. Recite your intentions clearly and with conviction, either aloud or silently:

For Relaxation and Stress Relief:

"I release tension and embrace a sense of calm and tranquility."

For Clarity and Spiritual Connection:

"I open myself to divine guidance and wisdom. My mind is clear, and my spirit is at peace."

For Emotional Healing and Protection:

"I am surrounded by a bubble of violet light, shielding me from negativity. I am safe, grounded, and protected."

Using Your Amethyst Palm Stone Daily

Incorporate your Amethyst Palm Stone into your daily routine by holding it during moments of stress or anxiety. Allow its calming energy to wash over you, promoting relaxation and emotional balance.

Enhancing Meditation and Energy Work

During meditation or energy work, hold the Amethyst Palm Stone or place it on your body's energy centers. Visualize its purple light enveloping you, facilitating a deep sense of peace and spiritual connection.

Displaying Your Amethyst Palm Stone

Keep your Amethyst Palm Stone in a prominent place, such as your meditation altar or bedside table, as a reminder of your intentions and a source of calming energy in your environment.


By incorporating Amethyst Palm Stones into your spiritual practice, you can tap into their soothing energy and unlock a deeper sense of relaxation, clarity, and spiritual connection. Let these stones be your allies on your journey to inner peace and emotional healing, guiding you towards a state of balance and harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

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