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Healing and Balance: Bracelet Set


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  • Amethyst (Healing)
  • Moss Agate (Balance)
  • Malachite (Emotional Healing
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Experience the harmonious embrace of our Healing and Balance Crystal Bracelet Set, adorned with three exquisite bracelets.

  1. Amethyst Bracelet: Embrace tranquility and mental clarity with the calming energy of amethyst. This soothing stone promotes emotional balance and relaxation, helping you find inner peace.
  2. Moss Agate Bracelet: Connect with the healing power of nature through moss agate. This stone fosters growth, renewal, and vitality, bringing a sense of harmony to your life.
  3. Malachite Bracelet: Navigate emotional challenges with strength and resilience with malachite. This powerful crystal helps you release negativity and encourages personal growth.

Wear these bracelets daily to promote wellness, balance, and healing in your life. Let their gentle energies guide you toward a harmonious and centered existence.

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  • 8mm diameter
  • 7.3″ length

The Power of Healing and Balance Crystals

Within the realm of crystals, there exists a trinity that embodies the essence of healing, balance, and renewal. In our Healing and Balance Crystal Bracelet Set, you’ll discover three remarkable gemstones, each possessing its unique power:

Amethyst: The Soothing Elixir

  • Benefit: Amethyst is renowned for its ability to soothe the mind and foster emotional balance.
  • Chakra Connection: It resonates with the Crown Chakra, opening the path to spiritual insight and serenity.
  • Stone of Health: Amethyst’s calming influence promotes not only mental tranquility but also physical well-being.
  • Discovering Harmony: Embrace the Amethyst Bracelet to unlock inner peace and clarity, enabling you to navigate life’s challenges with grace.

Moss Agate: Nature’s Nurturer

  • Benefit: Moss Agate connects you with nature’s healing energy, encouraging growth and vitality.
  • Chakra Connection: Aligned with the Heart Chakra, it harmonizes your inner self with the world around you.
  • Stone of Health: This gentle gemstone supports overall well-being, making it a symbol of health and abundance.
  • Discovering Harmony: Wear the Moss Agate Bracelet to cultivate a profound connection with nature, vitality, and emotional equilibrium.

Malachite: The Catalyst for Transformation

  • Benefit: Malachite is a stone of transformation, igniting positive change and personal growth.
  • Chakra Connection: It resonates with the Heart Chakra, facilitating emotional healing and growth.
  • Stone of Health: Malachite’s energy promotes not only inner strength but also holistic well-being.
  • Discovering Harmony: Adorn the Malachite Bracelet to embark on a transformative journey, embracing positive changes in your life.

Discovering Harmony Within and Around Us

Our Healing and Balance Crystal Bracelet Set is an invitation to rediscover the harmony that resides within you and surrounds you. As you wear each bracelet, you’ll unlock a unique dimension of healing, balance, and renewal, all aligned with your chakras and the holistic concept of health. These gemstones are not merely ornaments but rather tools to aid you in your quest for a harmonious and balanced life. Embrace their energies, open your chakras, and walk the path of well-being and serenity.

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