Passion Palette Crystal Bracelet Set


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  • Passionate blend of crystals.
  • Enhances love, creativity, vitality.
  • Guiding self-discovery and transformation.
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Ignite your passion with our Passion Palette Crystal Bracelet Set, a harmonious blend of red fire quartz, pink tourmaline, and carnelian. Each 8mm crystal bead exudes a unique energy that collectively creates a vibrant symphony of emotions.

Red Fire Quartz, with its fiery hues, is a stone of vitality and creativity. It stimulates the root and sacral chakras, awakening the life force within and fueling your passions. Picture it as a flame, infusing you with the courage to pursue your desires.

Pink Tourmaline, the stone of the heart, adds a touch of love to the mix. This crystal promotes compassion and emotional healing, opening your heart to both self-love and love for others. As you wear the bracelet, envision a warm, pink glow enveloping your heart space, fostering a sense of connection and understanding.

Carnelian, known for its warm and energizing properties, takes center stage. This crystal activates the sacral chakra, boosting your confidence and motivation. Feel its vitality coursing through you, enhancing your creative expression and empowering your endeavors.

The 14k gold plated accents add a touch of elegance, amplifying the bracelet’s energy and radiance. The antique-styled heart charm serves as a reminder to lead with love and passion in all aspects of your life.

To use this bracelet set, find a quiet space to center yourself. Hold the crystals in your hands, connecting with their individual energies. Set your intention for passion, creativity, and love. As you wear the bracelet, let it serve as a tangible reminder of your commitment to living a life fueled by your deepest desires.

Imagine the vibrant palette of these crystals infusing your aura with passion and enthusiasm. Whether you’re embarking on a creative project, seeking emotional healing, or simply wanting to enhance your zest for life, the Passion Palette Crystal Bracelet Set is your perfect companion on this colorful journey.

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