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Crystals, Bracelets, Palm Stones, Selenite, Tumbles and Rough Stones!

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Introducing the Mystery Crystal Box! Our enchanting Assorted Boxes are brimming with a delightful assortment of items sourced from our store. Choose from various box sizes, each packed with an increasing number of items as the box size increases. Inside, you’ll discover a captivating array of products, carefully curated from the diverse range we offer in our store. Whether you’re into Tumble Stones, Palm Stones, Points, Selenite, Crystal Bracelets, Key Chains, or our exclusive and unique gift items, each mystery box is a one-of-a-kind treasure trove!

These boxes are not only perfect as gifts but also an excellent way to explore our store at an unbeatable discounted rate. In addition to our top-quality ‘A’ grade crystals, the box may also contain discontinued items we no longer stock or clearance items that might exhibit minor imperfections like cracks, chips, or irregularities in shape and color. We cherish all our crystals, and we believe these “flaws” make each one even more special – just like the uniqueness of every ‘mystery box’!

For clarity, please note that we do not accommodate custom requests for these mystery boxes. They come prepackaged and meticulously labeled to reveal their contents. Even we are kept in suspense when selecting a box for you, as we have no prior knowledge of its contents! The images shown above are merely examples of what you might find inside. Each box is a mystery unto itself!

Each Mystery Box will consistently include a select few items to ensure a level of consistency. While most of the contents are randomized with each box, the combined value of these consistent items alone is often worth more than the box itself!

Below, we provide some EXAMPLES of what you might discover in a typical Mystery Box:

Mini Box:

  • A 3-3.5″ Selenite Stick (ideal for cleansing other crystals)
  • Three Mystery Tumble Stones
  • A Bracelet or Keychain presented in a vibrant Organza Bag

Small Box:

  • A 3-3.5″ Selenite Stick (perfect for crystal cleansing)
  • One Large Tumble Stone
  • One Small Carving
  • One Mini Sphere with Holder
  • A 2″-3″ Tower Point
  • A Bracelet or Keychain

Medium Box:

  • A 3-3.5″ Selenite Stick (an essential for crystal cleansing)
  • Two 2″-3″ Tower Points
  • One Mini Sphere with Holder
  • Three Tumble Stones
  • One Mini Palm Stone
  • One Small Carving
  • A Bracelet or Keychain

Large Box:

  • A 3-3.5″ Selenite Stick (an indispensable tool for crystal cleansing)
  • Four 2″-4″ Tower Points
  • Three Tumble Stones
  • Three Mini Spheres with Holders
  • One Palm Stone
  • A Bracelet or Keychain


  • A substantial 3-3.5″ Chunky Selenite Charging Stick
  • Six 2″-4″ Tower Points
  • Two Spheres with Holders
  • Two Large Tumble Stones
  • A Bracelet or Keychain

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