Mini Money Crystal Spheres


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  • Clear Quartz: Crystal Clarity Amplifies Intentions
  • Transparent magnification of thoughts.
  • Dream Amethyst: Trust Intuition, Wise Decisions
  • Dreamlike guidance for prosperity.
  • Bloodstone: Embrace Resilience, Attract Abundance
  • Grounding shield against challenges.
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Introducing the “Mini Money Crystal Spheres” – a delightful trio of pocket-sized gemstones meticulously curated to infuse your daily journey with the energies of prosperity and abundance. Crafted with intention and precision, this collection features three mini spheres, each approximately 0.75 inches in diameter, including Clear Quartz, Dream Amethyst, and Bloodstone. To make this collection truly versatile, it comes with sleek silver sphere holders and a travel pouch, allowing you to carry the manifesting power of these gemstones with you wherever you go.

Clear Quartz Mini Sphere: At the heart of the collection is the Clear Quartz mini sphere, a crystal known for its powerful amplifying properties. As you hold this pocket-sized gemstone, envision its transparent surface acting as a magnifying glass for your intentions. Clear Quartz serves as a blank canvas, enhancing the energies of whatever surrounds it. With the Clear Quartz mini sphere, you have the key to amplify your thoughts and manifest your financial goals with crystal clarity.

Dream Amethyst Mini Sphere: Next in the trio is the Dream Amethyst mini sphere, a captivating blend of Amethyst and White Quartz. This gemstone is revered for its ability to enhance intuition and promote spiritual growth. As you connect with the Dream Amethyst sphere, visualize a gentle flow of dreamlike energy enveloping you. This mini sphere acts as a pocket-sized oracle, guiding you towards wise financial decisions and fostering a mindset conducive to wealth manifestation.

Bloodstone Mini Sphere: Completing the trio is the Bloodstone mini sphere, adorned with the unique green and red hues characteristic of this revitalizing gemstone. Bloodstone is celebrated for its properties of courage, vitality, and abundance. Hold this mini sphere and feel its grounding energy connecting you with the strength needed to overcome financial challenges. The Bloodstone sphere becomes a pocket-sized source of resilience, infusing your journey with the determination to achieve prosperity.

Sleek Silver Sphere Holders: Each mini sphere in the collection is elegantly paired with a sleek silver sphere holder, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. These holders serve as stylish displays for your gemstones, allowing you to showcase their beauty in your home or office. The silver finish complements the energy of the gemstones, creating a harmonious visual representation of your commitment to wealth manifestation.

On-the-Go Prosperity with Travel Pouch: To ensure that the energies of prosperity accompany you throughout your day, the “Mini Money Crystal Spheres” come with a travel pouch. This pouch is designed for convenience, allowing you to carry your gemstones in your pocket, purse, or wherever your journey takes you. The on-the-go nature of this collection makes it a dynamic tool for manifesting wealth, providing you with a constant source of inspiration and support.

Manifestation Practices with the Mini Spheres: Incorporate these mini spheres into your daily manifestation practices. Hold each sphere in your hands, visualize your financial goals, and speak your intentions aloud. Feel the energies of Clear Quartz, Dream Amethyst, and Bloodstone harmonizing with your desires. The compact size of the mini spheres makes them perfect for quick, focused rituals that align with your journey towards prosperity.

Cleansing and Charging: To maintain the optimal effectiveness of your mini spheres, periodically cleanse and recharge them. Place them on a bed of Clear Quartz crystals or under moonlight for a few hours. As you do so, visualize any accumulated energies dissipating, leaving the mini spheres refreshed and ready to continue their role in attracting wealth.

Embark on a journey of wealth manifestation with the “Mini Money Crystal Spheres.” Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, let the energies of Clear Quartz, Dream Amethyst, and Bloodstone become your steadfast companions, guiding you towards prosperity one pocket-sized gemstone at a time.

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