Large Citrine Tower


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  • Attract abundance and prosperity with radiant energy.
  • Boost self-confidence and maintain a positive outlook.
  • Transform intentions into reality with powerful manifestation.
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Elevate your crystal collection with the radiant beauty and abundant energy of our Large Citrine Towers. These mesmerizing gems are not just stunning to look at; they are also powerful tools for manifesting positivity, wealth, and personal transformation.

Key Features:

Abundance and Manifestation: Large Citrine Towers are known as the “Merchant’s Stone” due to their strong association with prosperity and abundance. These exquisite crystals are like sunshine in solid form, radiating the energy of wealth and success. Their golden hues inspire a positive outlook on life, making them exceptional allies for manifesting financial abundance, career success, and overall prosperity.

Clarity and Confidence: Citrine is not only a stone of abundance but also of clarity and confidence. It helps dispel self-doubt, negative thought patterns, and fear, replacing them with a bright, optimistic mindset. With the support of Large Citrine Towers, you can enhance your self-esteem, boost your self-worth, and pursue your goals with unwavering determination.

Personal Empowerment: These towers are ideal for personal empowerment and goal achievement. The energy of Citrine promotes a can-do attitude, allowing you to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. With Large Citrine Towers in your space, you can step into your full potential, embarking on a journey of self-improvement and growth.

Healing Properties: Citrine is renowned for its healing properties. It’s said to support digestion, metabolism, and overall vitality. The uplifting energy of these towers can alleviate mood swings, combat fatigue, and reduce the impact of stress on your well-being.

Positive Energy Amplification: Large Citrine Towers are natural amplifiers of positive energy. They cleanse and purify your space, filling it with warmth, light, and high vibrations. They are excellent companions for meditation, enhancing your spiritual practice and raising your frequency.

Decorative and Inspiring: Beyond their metaphysical properties, these towers are beautiful additions to your home decor. Their striking golden color and captivating crystal structure make them perfect for display in your living room, bedroom, or office. They not only adorn your space but also serve as daily reminders of your intentions and aspirations.

Unique and Handpicked: Each Large Citrine Tower in our collection is handpicked for its quality and beauty. We ensure that you receive a crystal that is not only visually appealing but also rich in energetic potential.


  • Height: 6-7 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 12-15 oz
  • Crystal Type: Citrine

Elevate your life with the enchanting power of our Large Citrine Towers. Whether you seek financial prosperity, personal growth, or a brighter outlook on life, these radiant gems are your gateway to a world of abundance and positive transformation. Place them in your space, infuse your intentions, and let the golden energy of Citrine light up your path to success and well-being.

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