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Wellness: Bracelet Set


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  • Crafted for balance, clarity, healing.
  • Chakra Harmony with Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Rose Quartz.
  • Amplify energy, and enhance emotional healing.
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Celebrate the journey to wellness with our ‘Harmony Gems Wellness Trio’ – a set of three exquisite bracelets designed to infuse your life with balance, positivity, and serenity. Each bracelet features genuine 8mm crystal beads carefully selected for their unique healing properties.

  • Amethyst Bracelet: Dive into tranquility with the calming embrace of amethyst. Its soothing energy eases stress and enhances mental clarity, helping you find your inner calm amidst life’s chaos.
  • Clear Quartz Bracelet: Clear quartz, the ‘Master Healer,’ amplifies energy and revitalizes your spirit. With its pure and powerful aura, it clears negativity, enhances focus, and promotes overall well-being.
  • Rose Quartz Bracelet: Embrace love and compassion with the gentle, nurturing energy of rose quartz. This crystal of the heart fosters self-love, reduces anxiety, and nurtures your emotional balance.

Wear these bracelets individually or as a harmonious trio to tap into their collective energies. Elevate your wellness journey with ‘Harmony Gems Wellness Trio,’ and let the healing powers of these crystals bring a sense of peace and balance to your life.

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  • 8mm diameter
  • 7.3″ length

The Healing Power of Wellness Intent Crystals

Experience the profound healing power of our Wellness Intent Crystals. Each gem in our collection is handpicked to align with your well-being goals, helping you find balance, clarity, and inner peace.

Opening the Chakras

Our crystals are carefully selected to activate and harmonize your chakras. From the soothing Amethyst for the Third Eye and Crown Chakras to the nurturing Rose Quartz for the Heart Chakra, we offer you a path to awaken and balance your energy centers.

  1. Amethyst: Amethyst is commonly associated with the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) and the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara). It is known for enhancing intuition, promoting mental clarity, and connecting you to higher consciousness.

  2. Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is a versatile crystal that can be used to align and activate all the chakras, making it an excellent choice for overall chakra balance. It is often associated with the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) for its ability to amplify energy and enhance spiritual awareness.

  3. Rose Quartz: Rose quartz primarily aligns with the Heart Chakra (Anahata). It is the crystal of love and compassion, promoting emotional healing, self-love, and harmony in relationships.

When wearing or using these crystals, you can also focus on their associated chakras to enhance specific aspects of your well-being and energy balance.

A Stones of Energy Balance

These gems are more than just beautiful; they are stones of energy balance. Clear Quartz, the ‘Master Healer,’ amplifies your vitality, while Rose Quartz nurtures emotional equilibrium. Let our crystals guide you on a journey to complete well-being.

Discovering Wellness Within and Around Us

Wellness is not just a destination; it’s a journey within and around us. Our Wellness Intent Crystals are here to accompany you on that path. Harness their energy, set your intentions, and embrace the transformative power of wellness with Mystix Gemstones.

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