Harmony Noir Crystal Bracelet Set


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  1. Tranquil Howlite Calms Stress.
  2. Grounding with Black Jasper.
  3. Transformative Obsidian Renewal.
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Introducing our “Harmony Noir Crystal Bracelet Set,” an elegant trio featuring Howlite, Black Net Jasper, and Black Obsidian beads, complemented by 14k gold plated accents and a chic triangle-shaped gold charm.

Howlite, the Calming Touch: Envelop yourself in the serene aura of Howlite. The polished 8mm beads emanate a soothing energy, fostering patience and stress reduction. Wear this bracelet to guide you toward inner calmness.

Black Net Jasper, Grounding Elegance: Embrace the grounding elegance of Black Net Jasper. The intricate patterns within the 8mm beads resonate with stability and balance, connecting you to the Earth. It’s a timeless addition to your crystal collection.

Black Obsidian, Shield of Protection: Elevate your energy shield with Black Obsidian. The 8mm beads serve as a protective barrier, clearing the path for self-discovery and enhanced clarity. Let the powerful shield of Black Obsidian accompany you.

Gold Plated Accents, Touch of Luxury: Adorned with delicate 14k gold plated accents, this bracelet set exudes luxury. The warm tones of gold complement the rich hues of the crystals, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication.

Triangle-Shaped Gold Charm: Adding an extra layer of chicness, the set features a triangle-shaped gold charm. Symbolic of strength and balance, this charm enhances the overall aesthetic while infusing spiritual significance into your ensemble.

Wear Your Harmony: Whether for style or energy alignment, the “Harmony Noir Crystal Bracelet Set” is a versatile companion. Embrace the balanced energy of Howlite, the grounding elegance of Black Net Jasper, and the protective shield of Black Obsidian—all beautifully united in this captivating bracelet set. Elevate your style, embrace tranquility, and step into a world of harmonious energy with this exquisite crystal ensemble.

The combination of Howlite, Black Net Jasper, and Black Obsidian in the “Harmony Noir Crystal Bracelet Set” suggests intentions related to grounding, protection, and balance. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Howlite:
    • Intention: Calming and Patience
    • Properties: Howlite is known for its calming energy, promoting patience and reducing stress. It aids in quieting the mind, making it beneficial for meditation and achieving a state of tranquility.
  2. Black Net Jasper:
    • Intention: Grounding and Stability
    • Properties: Black Net Jasper is a grounding stone that helps in stabilizing and balancing energies. It provides a sense of security and connection to the Earth, making it valuable for those seeking stability and support.
  3. Black Obsidian:
    • Intention: Protection and Cleansing
    • Properties: Black Obsidian is a powerful protective stone that helps absorb and dispel negative energies. It promotes clarity, self-discovery, and shields against negativity, making it a valuable tool for energy protection and purification.
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