Harmony Blush Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set

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Handmade to Order in Texas.

  • Love and Harmony Stack.
  • Tranquil Pink Gemstones.
  • Grounding with Lava Energy.
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The “Harmony Blush Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set” is a captivating blend of rose quartz, pink rhodonite, pink zebra, howlite, lava stone, and silver accents, harmoniously stacked to embody grace and serenity. At its core lies rose quartz, promoting love and compassion, complemented by pink rhodonite‘s emotional balance. Pink zebra adds a unique touch, stimulating energy and joy. Howlite brings tranquility, relieving stress, while lava stone offers grounding and essential oil diffusion. Silver accents symbolize clarity and intuition. Whether stacked or worn individually, this set is a versatile and meaningful addition to your collection, each gemstone narrating a tale of love, balance, and tranquility. Embrace the beauty of Mystix Gemstones with a set that radiates harmony and grace.

Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Harmony Blush Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set

  1. User Avatar

    Leia M. – New York

    The rose quartz is so beautiful! I love the silver with these colors.

  2. User Avatar

    Mia S. – Texas

    LOVE this set! This is my second stack from Mystix!

  3. User Avatar

    Sasha K. – Texas

    Very pretty! I love mine.

  4. User Avatar

    Kim O. – California

    I bought for my niece for her birthday. She loved it!

  5. User Avatar

    Mary F. – Texas

    So unique and goes well with many of my outfits! Thank you for time and energy to create these.

  6. User Avatar

    Samantha C. -Colorado

    Perfect. Will buy more.

  7. User Avatar

    Elizabeth W. – Colorado

    The colors are great together! It looks even better in person.

  8. User Avatar

    Daniela J. – Texas

    Under the sun, this is just absolutely stunning! I can’t stop looking at my arm! lol

  9. User Avatar

    Jackie O. – Florida

    Chic and sophisticated! I can’t decided on which set to get next…

  10. User Avatar

    Tealie J. – Texas

    I’m so glad I found Mystix! These are truly made for you and you can tell the difference from the big box stores.

  11. User Avatar

    Sophie K. – Maryland

    The Harmony Blush Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set is pure wrist magic! The blend of colors feels like a happy dance. Plus, knowing it’s from a small business adds that extra touch of warmth and sincerity.

  12. User Avatar

    Julie P. – Maryland

    Pink is my favorite color and I am so in love with this stack! I get so many complements. It’s a great conversation starter.

  13. User Avatar

    Genie L. Texas

    Got my Harmony Blush Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set, and it’s basically my daily mood booster. The colors are like a hug for my wrist! Bonus points for supporting a small business—feels like wearing a piece of heartcrafted joy.

  14. User Avatar

    Laura E. Texas

    Finally a jeweler committed to authentic gemstones AND a focus on the metaphysical alignment. Theses bracelets are beautiful, real gemstones, and made with care. Thank you!

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How to use

The Harmony Blush Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set from Mystix Gemstones is not just a collection of beautiful stones but a meaningful tool for enhancing various aspects of your life. Here's a detailed guide on how to use each crystal, harness their metaphysical properties, and set empowering intentions:

  1. Rose Quartz:
    • Metaphysical Properties: Known as the stone of love, rose quartz embodies unconditional love, compassion, and harmony. It encourages deep emotional healing and opens the heart chakra.
    • Intention Statement: "I open my heart to love. May I give and receive love freely, fostering compassion and emotional healing."
  2. Pink Rhodonite:
    • Metaphysical Properties: Pink rhodonite is a stone of balance and nurtures love and compassion. It helps release emotional wounds, fostering forgiveness and understanding.
    • Intention Statement: "I embrace balance and forgiveness. May love and compassion guide my actions, and understanding flow through me."
  3. Pink Zebra:
    • Metaphysical Properties: Pink zebra is a joyful and energizing stone, stimulating motivation and enhancing positivity. It brings a playful energy to the set.
    • Intention Statement: "I radiate joy and positivity. With motivation as my guide, I embrace life's playful and uplifting moments."
  4. Howlite:
    • Metaphysical Properties: Howlite is a calming stone that promotes tranquility and relieves stress. It aids in achieving a deep and restful sleep.
    • Intention Statement: "I release stress and embrace tranquility. May calmness guide my thoughts and bring restful sleep to my nights."
  5. Lava Stone:
    • Metaphysical Properties: Lava stone is grounding and connects to the Earth's energy. Its porous nature allows it to absorb and diffuse essential oils, enhancing the overall experience.
    • Intention Statement: "I am grounded and connected. With the Earth's energy, I release negativity, and my spirit is rejuvenated."

How to Use the Bracelet Set:

  1. Setting Intentions:
    • Hold each bracelet in your hands and set a specific intention for each crystal. Visualize the desired outcome and infuse the crystals with your positive energy.
  2. Wearing:
    • Wear the bracelets as a stack or individually, allowing the stones to make contact with your skin. Feel the energies of the crystals harmonizing with your own.
  3. Meditation:
    • During meditation, focus on each crystal's energy. Visualize the pink hues promoting love, the calming influence of howlite, and the grounding nature of lava stone.
  4. Aromatherapy:
    • Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the lava stone beads, enhancing the sensory experience. Breathe in the aroma, allowing it to complement the overall harmony of the gemstones.
  5. Mindful Living:
    • Use the set as a daily reminder to live with love, balance, and positivity. Touch the beads when seeking tranquility or needing a boost of motivation.

As you incorporate the Harmony Blush Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set into your daily life, let the energies of these crystals guide you toward love, balance, and tranquility. Each stone contributes a unique vibration, creating a harmonious symphony of positive energy around you.

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