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Green Opal Palm Stones


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  1. Heart-Centered Tranquility: Elevate with Green Opal’s serenity.
  2. Stress-Relief Companion: Portable talisman for daily calm.
  3. Nature-Inspired Harmony: Activate heart chakra, and manifest balance.
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Discover Tranquility with Green Opal Palm Stones:

Elevate your spiritual journey with our Green Opal Palm Stones, each weighing between 66-72g. As nature’s tranquil masterpiece, these stones encapsulate the soothing essence of green opal, offering a unique and grounding energy that resonates with the heart and Earth’s nurturing vibrations.

Key Features:

  1. Heart-Centered Calm: Green Opal is renowned for its heart-centered properties, fostering emotional balance and tranquility. As you hold these palm stones in your hands, feel a gentle wave of serenity washing over you, promoting a sense of calm and inner peace.
  2. Nurturing Nature’s Energy: Allow the natural green hues to connect you with the Earth’s energy. The stones emanate grounding vibrations, creating a harmonious link between your spirit and the planet. Embrace the calming influence that resonates from these palm stones.
  3. Meditative Bliss: Incorporate Green Opal Palm Stones into your meditation practice to deepen your connection with the heart chakra. As you meditate, hold the stone close to your heart, visualizing a radiant green light expanding, enveloping you in a cocoon of love and compassion.

How to Use:

  1. Heart Chakra Activation: Place the Green Opal Palm Stone on your chest during meditation or moments of reflection. Envision the gentle energy radiating through your heart, bringing emotional healing and balance.
  2. Stress Relief Ritual: Carry a Green Opal Palm Stone in your pocket or purse as a soothing stress-relief talisman. When stress arises, hold the stone and take deep breaths, allowing the calming energy to restore equilibrium.
  3. Nature Connection: Use these palm stones to create a nature-inspired altar or sacred space. Their grounding energy serves as a reminder of the natural world’s beauty and the importance of cultivating a harmonious relationship with it.

With their tranquil energy and heart-healing properties, our Green Opal Palm Stones are not just exquisite crystals; they’re companions on your journey to serenity and emotional well-being. Embrace the essence of nature’s tranquility in the palm of your hand.

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