Emotional Balance: Bracelet Set



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  • Lapis with Crysocholla (Communication)
  • Morganite (Unconditional Love)
  • Howlite (Calming)
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Discover inner peace and emotional harmony with our “Emotional Balance Crystal Bracelet Set.” This trio of Howlite, Lapis with Chrysocolla, and Morganite combines powerful energies to help you find serenity in the midst of life’s storms.

  • Howlite soothes emotional tension, calming turbulent thoughts, and promoting mental clarity. It acts as an emotional anchor, allowing you to navigate challenging situations with a sense of tranquility.
  • Lapis with Chrysocolla combines the wisdom of Lapis Lazuli with the soothing properties of Chrysocolla. It opens the throat chakra, facilitating clear communication of your emotions, and empowers you to express your feelings with grace.
  • Morganite radiates gentle, loving energy that nurtures your heart and promotes self-compassion. It eases emotional wounds, fostering forgiveness and allowing you to release emotional baggage.

Embrace these crystals to achieve emotional equilibrium, foster self-acceptance, and maintain harmony in your relationships.

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  • 8mm diameter
  • 7.3″ length

The Power of Emotional Balancing Crystals

Emotions are a fundamental part of our human experience, shaping our interactions, decisions, and overall well-being. While emotions can be a source of joy and connection, they can also challenge us with turmoil and uncertainty. This is where the power of emotional balancing crystals comes into play.

Opening the Chakras

In the realm of crystal healing, chakras are energy centers that play a crucial role in our emotional and physical health. To achieve emotional balance, it’s essential to open and harmonize these energy centers. Let’s explore how specific crystals can assist in this process:

Stones of Balance

  1. Howlite: Known for its calming properties, Howlite helps alleviate anxiety, stress, and anger. It promotes mental clarity, allowing you to navigate emotional storms with a tranquil mind.

  2. Lapis with Chrysocolla: Combining the wisdom of Lapis Lazuli with the soothing energy of Chrysocolla, this crystal opens the throat chakra, enabling honest and compassionate communication of emotions. It promotes harmonious relationships by fostering understanding and empathy.

  3. Morganite: This gentle yet potent crystal radiates love and self-compassion. It works directly with the heart chakra, healing emotional wounds and facilitating forgiveness. Morganite encourages emotional liberation and the release of past baggage.

Discovering Harmony Within and Around Us

Emotional balance isn’t about suppressing emotions or avoiding difficult situations. It’s the art of navigating the ebb and flow of feelings with grace, self-awareness, and a profound sense of equilibrium. When you use emotional balancing crystals, you empower yourself to:

  • Acknowledge and embrace your emotions without judgment.
  • Communicate your feelings honestly and with love, fostering deeper connections.
  • Release emotional baggage and forgive yourself and others.
  • Find tranquility amidst life’s emotional turbulence.

These crystals serve as allies on your journey toward emotional harmony. As you wear them, focus on their unique energies and affirmations. Let them guide you in embracing your emotions, expressing them authentically, and ultimately, achieving a balanced and harmonious emotional state.

Incorporate the “Emotional Balance Crystal Bracelet Set” into your daily routine to experience the transformative power of these crystals. Embrace emotional healing, self-compassion, and the ability to navigate life’s emotional challenges with grace and balance.

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