Ember Essence Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set


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  • Fiery Passion, Carnelian Energy.
  • Grounding Balance, Obsidian Strength.
  • Opulent Style, Gold Accent.

**Please note: The Carnelian bangle is small and will be tight to get on. The opening is 2.25″ wide.

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The “Ember Essence Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set” by Mystix Gemstones – is a fusion of carnelian, black obsidian, black orca jasper, lava stone, and gold accents. This captivating set embodies fiery elegance and grounding energy, centered around Carnelian’s vitality and passion. Black obsidian and black orca jasper provide mystery and stability, dispelling negativity and enhancing inner strength. Lava stone introduces an elemental connection to the Earth, perfect for essential oil diffusion. Delicate gold accents add opulence, symbolizing wealth and spiritual enlightenment. Whether worn stacked or individually, the Ember Essence set invites you to embrace the elemental energies of fire, earth, and luxury. Each gemstone tells a story of passion, grounding, and opulence, making it a manifestation of your inner fire and style.

How to use

The Ember Essence Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set from Mystix Gemstones is not just a collection of stones; it's a dynamic tool for harnessing elemental energies and making a bold style statement. Here's a detailed guide on how to use each crystal, delve into their metaphysical properties, and set empowering intentions:

  1. Carnelian:
    • Metaphysical Properties: Carnelian is a stone of passion, vitality, and motivation. Its fiery energy stimulates creativity, courage, and a zest for life.
    • Intention Statement: "I ignite my inner fire. With the energy of carnelian, I embrace passion, creativity, and enthusiasm in every endeavor."
  2. Black Obsidian:
    • Metaphysical Properties: Black obsidian is a powerful protective stone that absorbs negative energy. It enhances clarity, grounding, and spiritual growth.
    • Intention Statement: "I am protected and grounded. Black obsidian shields me from negativity, fostering clarity and supporting my spiritual journey."
  3. Black Orca Jasper:
    • Metaphysical Properties: Black orca jasper promotes stability, balance, and a connection to the Earth. Its unique patterns enhance grounding and provide comfort.
    • Intention Statement: "I find stability within. Black orca jasper grounds me, fostering balance and a deep sense of connection to the Earth."
  4. Lava Stone:
    • Metaphysical Properties: Lava stone is porous and ideal for essential oil diffusion. It enhances the connection to the Earth and adds a sensory dimension.
    • Intention Statement: "I connect with Earth's energy. Lava stone allows me to infuse essential oils, bringing grounding scents and heightened sensory awareness."

How to Use the Bracelet Set:

  1. Setting Intentions:
    • Hold the Ember Essence bracelet set in your hands and set specific intentions for each crystal. Visualize the desired outcomes and infuse the stones with your positive energy.
  2. Wearing:
    • Wear the bracelets as a stack or individually, allowing the stones to make direct contact with your skin. Feel the warmth of carnelian, the grounding energy of obsidian and jasper, and the luxurious touch of gold.
  3. Creativity Boost:
    • When seeking a creativity boost, focus on the carnelian beads. Touch them and visualize your creative energy flowing freely, bringing inspiration and innovation.
  4. Clarity Meditation:
    • During meditation, hold the black obsidian beads and let their energy enhance clarity and spiritual insight. Visualize negative energies dissipating, leaving room for clarity.
  5. Grounding with Earth Energy:
    • Touch the black orca jasper beads when in need of grounding. Imagine roots extending from you into the Earth, creating stability and a sense of connection.
  6. Aromatherapy Experience:
    • Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the lava stone beads. Inhale the grounding scents throughout the day, allowing the sensory experience to complement the gemstones' energies.

As you incorporate the Ember Essence Stacked Gemstone Bracelet Set into your daily rituals, allow the dynamic energies of each stone to guide you. This versatile set becomes a manifestation of your inner fire, grounding, and opulence. Embrace the elemental journey, finding passion, stability, and enlightenment with every wear.

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