Crystal Perfume & Oil Roller Bottles – 3 piece set (You Pick)


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  • Amethyst: Infuse peace and calm.
  • Rose Quartz: Radiate love and healing.
  • Clear Quartz: Amplify clarity and intentions.
  • Sodalite: Enhance communication and soothe.
  • Green Aventurine: Attract abundance and luck.
  • Fluorite: Bring balance and clarity.
  • Red Jasper: Boost courage and motivation.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Cultivate focus and strength.
  • Black Obsidian: Ward off negativity, stay grounded.
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Elevate your aromatherapy experience with our Crystal Perfume & Oil Bottles – a 3-piece set of exquisite glass bottles infused with natural crystal chips. Choose from a stunning selection of amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, sodalite, green aventurine, fluorite, red jasper, tiger’s eye, or black obsidian. Each bottle is adorned with a coordinating small crystal sphere as the roller mechanism for your chosen essential oils or perfumes.

These 10ml roller bottles are not only convenient and portable but also crafted from high-quality glass and gemstone roller balls for long-lasting use. Versatile and elegant, they’re suitable for any liquid, making them a versatile addition to your daily self-care routine.

Select Your Energy:

  • Amethyst: Channel peace and serenity into your life, fostering a sense of calm.
  • Rose Quartz: Embrace love, compassion, and healing vibrations.
  • Clear Quartz: Amplify your intentions and promote clarity in your daily life.
  • Sodalite: Enhance communication and soothe emotional turbulence.
  • Green Aventurine: Attract abundance, prosperity, and good luck.
  • Fluorite: Bring balance and order to your thoughts and decision-making.
  • Red Jasper: Boost courage and motivation, igniting your inner fire.
  • Tiger’s Eye: Cultivate focus, resilience, and a strong sense of self.
  • Black Obsidian: Ward off negative energies, providing protection and grounding.

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The Magic of Crystal Perfume: Amplify Your Scent and Spirit

In the world of holistic wellness and self-care, crystal-infused products have taken center stage. Combining the enchanting powers of crystals with everyday items, these products offer an extra dimension of healing and positivity. One such unique creation is the Crystal Perfume & Oil Bottles, which seamlessly blend the beauty of natural crystals with the alluring scents of your favorite perfumes or essential oils. Let’s embark on a scented journey and explore the magic of these crystal perfume bottles.

Elevating Your Aromatherapy Experience

Aromatherapy has long been cherished for its soothing and healing properties. The enchanting scent of essential oils or your favorite perfume can work wonders to relax your mind, boost your mood, and improve your overall well-being. But what if you could elevate this experience further by infusing it with the vibrational energy of crystals? This is precisely what our Crystal Perfume & Oil Bottles offer.

Each bottle in this exquisite 3-piece set is designed to complement your aromatic journey. Whether you choose Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, or any other crystal type, you’re inviting not only your favorite scent but also the unique metaphysical properties of these gemstones into your daily life.

Amplify Your Scent with Amethyst

Affirmation: I channel peace and serenity into my life, fostering a sense of calm.

Amethyst, a stone renowned for its calming and stress-relief properties, transforms your perfume experience. As you roll the amethyst-encrusted sphere, your chosen scent dances with the soothing energy of the crystal. The result is a harmonious blend that offers both olfactory pleasure and a sense of inner peace.

Embrace Love with Rose Quartz

Affirmation: I embrace love, compassion, and healing vibrations.

The Rose Quartz bottle adds an extra layer of love and compassion to your daily routine. The soft, rosy aroma pairs beautifully with the crystal’s heart-opening energy. As you apply the scent, you invite loving vibes and emotional healing into your life.

Clarity in Every Drop with Clear Quartz

Affirmation: I amplify my intentions and promote clarity in my daily life.

Clear Quartz is the ideal choice for those seeking mental clarity and intention-setting. The crystal’s natural ability to amplify energies enhances the fragrance you apply. As you roll it on, you are setting the stage for a day filled with focus, precision, and clear thinking.

Sodalite: Soothe and Communicate

Affirmation: I enhance communication and soothe emotional turbulence.

Sodalite is the crystal of choice for those looking to improve communication and emotional well-being. Your selected scent pairs with the soothing properties of the crystal, making it the perfect companion for moments when you need to express yourself clearly and kindly.

Attract Abundance with Green Aventurine

Affirmation: I attract abundance, prosperity, and good luck.

Green Aventurine’s energies align perfectly with abundance and prosperity. When combined with your chosen fragrance, you create an aura that beckons success and good fortune. The scent becomes a part of your manifestation ritual for attracting all that you desire.

Balance and Clarity with Fluorite

Affirmation: I bring balance and order to my thoughts and decision-making.

For those moments when you need to find balance and make decisions, the Fluorite bottle comes to the rescue. The scent melds with the crystal’s harmonizing and clarifying properties, empowering you to make choices from a place of serenity and balance.

Boost Courage with Red Jasper

Affirmation: I boost courage and motivation, igniting my inner fire.

Red Jasper’s fiery energy is ideal for igniting motivation and courage. Infusing your fragrance with this crystal’s passion will help you tackle your day with determination and enthusiasm.

Cultivate Focus with Tiger’s Eye

Affirmation: I cultivate focus, resilience, and a strong sense of self.

Tiger’s Eye is all about focus and self-confidence. When combined with your favorite scent, it creates a powerful tool for concentration and personal empowerment. Each roll-on application becomes a ritual of grounding and strengthening.

Protection and Grounding with Black Obsidian

Affirmation: I ward off negative energies, providing protection and grounding.

In moments when you need protection and grounding, the Black Obsidian bottle is your go-to. Its deep energy blends seamlessly with your chosen fragrance, wrapping you in a shield of safety and stability.

Each of these Crystal Perfume & Oil Bottles enhances your aromatic journey and infuses it with the unique qualities of the gemstone you choose. With a simple roll-on, you welcome not only the scent but also the metaphysical properties of the crystal into your life. It’s a delightful way to harmonize your spirit and senses.

Unveil the magic of crystal perfume and make your daily scent ritual an enchanting, holistic experience. Explore the complete collection at Mystix Gemstones and choose the crystal that resonates with your heart and soul.

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