Crystal Chips Pens with Diamond – 3pc set


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Experience a harmonious blend of creativity and positive energy with our Crystal Chips Pens Set. Each pen is not just a writing tool but a conduit for the unique metaphysical properties of 12 crystals.

  1. Citrine: Infuse abundance into your writing. Set the intention: “I attract prosperity and positive energy.”
  2. Rose Quartz: Write with love and compassion. Affirm: “My words are filled with love and kindness.”
  3. Strawberry Quartz: Foster emotional balance. Set the intention: “I express myself with emotional clarity and balance.”
  4. Pink Tourmaline: Stimulate creativity and self-love. Affirm: “I am a vessel of creativity, and I love myself completely.”
  5. Amethyst: Enhance intuition and tranquility. Set the intention: “My thoughts are clear, and I trust my inner wisdom.”
  6. Garnet: Infuse passion into your words. Affirm: “I express myself with passion, love, and unwavering commitment.”
  7. Fluorite: Boost focus and mental clarity. Set the intention: “I am focused, clear-minded, and full of creative ideas.”
  8. Black Obsidian: Ward off negativity. Affirm: “I am protected, and my words carry positive energy.”
  9. Sodalite: Promote communication and self-expression. Set the intention: “I communicate with clarity and authenticity.”
  10. Clear Quartz: Amplify intentions. Affirm: “My intentions are clear, and I manifest positive outcomes.”
  11. Black Rutile Quartz: Enhance intuition and protect your energy. Set the intention: “I trust my intuition, and I am surrounded by positive energy.”
  12. Peridot: Attract abundance and positivity. Affirm: “I attract abundance, joy, and positivity into every aspect of my life.”

Use these Crystal Chips Pens with intention, allowing the energies of each crystal to enhance your thoughts and words. Set your personal affirmations and watch your writing experience transform into a powerful and positive expression of self.

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Introducing our Crystal Chips Pens with Diamond – 3pc set, a harmonious blend of elegance and positive energy. Each pen features a unique combination of crystal chips, including citrine, rose quartz, strawberry quartz, pink tourmaline, amethyst, garnet, fluorite, black obsidian, sodalite, clear quartz, black rutile quartz, and peridot.

Feel the soothing vibes of rose gold as you write, bringing a touch of luxury to your daily tasks. The faux diamond accent at one end adds a sparkling touch, enhancing the pens’ aesthetic appeal.

Channel the energy of these crystals while expressing your thoughts on paper. Whether you’re jotting down notes, sketching, or journaling, these Crystal Chips Pens with Diamond provide a stylish and meaningful writing experience. Elevate your writing routine with this exquisite set that combines beauty, functionality, and the positive vibrations of crystal energy.

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