Cosmic Balance Intention Bracelet Set



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  1. Labradorite Illumination: Cosmic insight, vibrant energies.
  2. Hematite Grounding: Solid foundation, cosmic connection.
  3. Red Obsidian Empowerment: Fiery courage, protective balance.
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Embrace the harmonious energies with our “Cosmic Balance Intention Bracelet” set, carefully curated to infuse your life with a sense of equilibrium and serenity. This exquisite set comprises three individual bracelets, each adorned with 8mm beads crafted from high-quality labradorite, hematite, and red obsidian, beautifully complemented by 14k gold-plated accents.

Labradorite: Dive into the enchanting world of labradorite, a crystal known for its mystical aura and iridescent play of colors. Labradorite promotes spiritual growth, enhances intuition, and aligns with the energies of transformation. It serves as a guiding light during times of change, fostering inner strength and cosmic balance.

Hematite: Ground your energy with the sturdy presence of hematite. Renowned for its stabilizing properties, hematite anchors you to the present moment, dispelling negative energies and promoting a sense of calm. This crystal encourages a balanced and centered approach to life, allowing you to navigate challenges with resilience.

Red Obsidian: Infuse passion and vitality into your journey with red obsidian. This vibrant crystal resonates with the root chakra, stimulating life force energy and promoting a strong connection to the Earth. Red obsidian empowers you to overcome obstacles, fostering courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

The trio of bracelets is thoughtfully adorned with geometric charms, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the cosmos and the delicate balance that exists within the universe. The 14k gold-plated accents elevate the aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of elegance to your personal style.

Wear this “Cosmic Balance Intention Bracelet” set with purpose, using it as a reminder of the equilibrium you seek in your life. As you don these bracelets, take a moment to set your intentions. Allow the energies of labradorite, hematite, and red obsidian to align with your goals, fostering a sense of harmony, grounding, and empowerment.

Whether you’re navigating daily challenges or embarking on a new chapter, let the cosmic energies of these crystals guide you towards balance and alignment. Embrace the beauty of intention as you adorn yourself with this exquisite bracelet set, a reflection of the cosmic balance within and around you.

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