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Azshara Bracelet


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  • Stylish gemstone bracelet for wellness.
  • Energize with specific intentions.
  • Enhance personal growth daily.
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Our stunning “Azshara Bracelet,” a harmonious fusion of elegance and natural beauty. Each bracelet boasts 8mm gemstone beads carefully selected for their unique properties and aesthetic appeal. Choose from a selection of black tourmaline for protection, howlite for calming vibes, carnelian for passion, rose quartz for love, amazonite for harmony, or sodalite for intuition. Adorned with elegant gold or silver-plated hematite accents, these bracelets exude sophistication and charm.

Whether worn alone for a minimalist look or stacked with other bracelets for a bolder statement, the “Azshara Bracelet” adds a touch of luxury to any outfit. Handcrafted with care and attention to detail, each piece is a testament to quality craftsmanship and timeless style. Embrace the power of gemstones and elevate your ensemble with this exquisite accessory.

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Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Howlite, Rose Quartz, Sodalite


Gold, Silver

How to use

The Azshara Bracelet collection offers not just a stylish accessory but also a powerful tool for harnessing the metaphysical properties of gemstones to enhance your well-being. Each gemstone bead in this collection carries unique energies and can be paired with specific intention statements to amplify their effects.

Black Tourmaline: Known as a powerful protective stone, black tourmaline shields against negativity and electromagnetic radiation. Pair it with the intention statement "I am protected and grounded in all aspects of my life" to enhance its grounding and protective qualities.

Howlite: Howlite is renowned for its calming energy, making it an excellent stone for reducing anxiety and stress. Combine it with the intention statement "I am calm, centered, and at peace" to promote tranquility and emotional balance.

Carnelian: With its vibrant orange hues, carnelian is associated with creativity, vitality, and motivation. Pair it with the intention statement "I am filled with passion, creativity, and determination" to ignite your creative spark and boost your energy levels.

Rose Quartz: As the stone of love and compassion, rose quartz promotes self-love, forgiveness, and emotional healing. Use the intention statement "I am worthy of love and radiate love to others" to cultivate feelings of love, compassion, and acceptance.

Amazonite: Amazonite is known for its soothing and harmonizing properties, helping to calm the mind and balance emotions. Pair it with the intention statement "I am aligned with my inner truth and speak my truth with confidence" to enhance communication and self-expression.

Sodalite: Sodalite is a stone of truth, intuition, and insight, making it ideal for enhancing mental clarity and intuition. Combine it with the intention statement "I trust my intuition and make decisions with clarity and confidence" to sharpen your intuition and make informed choices.

To use your Azshara Bracelet effectively, start by cleansing and charging the gemstones to remove any stagnant energy and enhance their natural vibrations. You can do this by placing them in sunlight, moonlight, or by smudging them with sage or palo santo.

Once cleansed and charged, hold the bracelet in your hands and set your intention for wearing it. Focus on the specific qualities you wish to cultivate or the areas of your life you want to improve. Then, repeat your chosen intention statement aloud or in your mind as you wear the bracelet throughout the day.

For added potency, you can incorporate other mindfulness practices such as meditation, visualization, or breathwork while wearing your Azshara Bracelet. By aligning your intentions with the metaphysical properties of the gemstones, you can harness their energies to support your personal growth, well-being, and spiritual journey.

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