Amazonite Ornaments


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  • Tear-drop elegance with Amazonite.
  • Stand-alone beauty for tranquility.
  • Metaphysical serenity in decor.
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Immerse your space in the soothing energy of Mystix Gemstones’ Amazonite Ornaments, uniquely crafted to bring a touch of tranquility and natural beauty into your surroundings. These stunning ornaments, ranging from 133-173g and standing 2.83-3.59 inches tall, showcase the exquisite qualities of Amazonite in a tear-drop shape with a practical flat bottom, allowing them to stand independently.

Elevate Your Space: Transform your living space with the gentle and calming vibes of Amazonite. These ornaments are not just decorative; they serve as conduits for the crystal’s metaphysical properties. Amazonite is renowned for its soothing and harmonizing energies, making it a perfect addition to any room where you seek a sense of calm and balance.

Unique Tear-Drop Shape: Each Amazonite Ornament is carefully shaped into a distinctive tear-drop form, combining elegance with the natural beauty of Amazonite. The smooth and polished surface enhances the stone’s unique color variations, ranging from cool turquoise to earthy greens. Place these ornaments on shelves, desks, or any surface to infuse your space with the serene energy of Amazonite.

Versatile Standing Design: Enjoy the flexibility of decorating your space effortlessly. The flat bottom of each ornament ensures stability, allowing them to stand securely on any flat surface. Arrange them individually or in groups to create eye-catching displays that radiate the calming vibes of Amazonite throughout your home or office.

As you incorporate Mystix Gemstones’ Amazonite Ornaments into your decor, envision their energy harmonizing with your surroundings. These ornaments are more than just decorative pieces; they are gateways to a sense of peace and tranquility. Whether you seek a serene atmosphere in your meditation space or a touch of nature in your living room, Amazonite Ornaments bring both aesthetic beauty and soothing energies to your environment.

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